Saturday, September 19, 2009

36 Weeks!

So I'm a little bit late in posting this week's picture. We've been busy as usual! I had my doctor appointment on Friday, which was very short, just a heart beat check and weigh-in. My Group B Strep test that I took last week came back negative, which is excellent. It means I don't have to be on an antibiotic when I go into labor.
On Friday I also had much needed day off from work. I made yet another trip to IKEA to pick up a few more things for the baby's room and our kitchen. Last week our car seat arrived so we'll now be able to take baby home from the hospital :) We've been hearing from other dads-to-be in our childbirth class that they're really hard to install. But Nick, being the engineer that he is, says it's simple and is planning on waiting a while to install it.
Today I had much needed prenatal massage. It was so nice :) My doctor gave me a prescription for massage because of the back problems I've been having, but it turns out our insurance company does not cover massage. So, I went to Cortiva, a massage school in Seattle and had a wonderful (and cheap!) massage.
And for those who have been waiting, nursery pictures coming soon!

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