Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We finally decided to give Penny a bath tonight. It had been a few months since she last had one, but amazingly, she didn't look all that dirty. Brushing her definitely helps, plus the fact that dirt just falls off of her fur is nice too. She hates baths, and this was her first one in an actual bathtub since we had just a walk in shower at our old place. So I first taught her to get in the tub on her own (using the old cue "shower") so we wouldn't have to put her in there.

I was feeding her really yummy fish treats, but she still wasn't enjoying herself. She only perked up once I started dancing :) Nick got in the shower too, since it was easier to wash her that way.

When she gets out, she shakes a lot! Look at this funny picture of her drying off.

And finally, she's hoping she's dry enough to leave the bathroom, so she can run crazily around our house to finish drying off.

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