Thursday, June 11, 2009

Floors & Kitchen

Here is a long overdue house update. We've been busy this week with the floors and kitchen, and we're moving this weekend! My dad and Jim have been at the house every day this week, working hard. Thank you! And of course, Nick has been there too. We're excited because tomorrow is his last day on the 3am-11am shift. It's not fun to have to go to bed at 6 every night when the sun doesn't begin to set until after 9. We've had gorgeous weather for several weeks :)
Here are the hardwood floors in the hallway. They're so pretty! And slippery. Penny has been sliding everywhere, so we don't think she likes them very much.
Here Nick and Jim are working hard on the kitchen floors. Jim is trying to find just the right pieces, so he doesn't have more than 5% scrap.
Kitchen installation. This was taken a few days ago, so the kitchen is actually much farther along. It should be mostly done by tomorrow. We're even getting our gas turned on.

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  1. The floors really are very pretty!!! What a nice home you have!!