Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oliver's trip around the sun

At Oliver's preschool each child gets to have a special day once a year, which usually falls near their birthday. For their special day they get to walk around a sun, while holding an earth, passing the twelve months until they land on their birthday month each round. Each round represents a year that the child turns, starting at 0, going until their current age. At each age, the teacher holds up a photo of the child and reads a brief description. Oliver was so excited for his special day this week, and this year Oliver picked out the photos himself. I found it interesting to see his choices.

At the end of class, they child gets to select a book to be read to the class and also gets to bring something special for show and tell. Oliver chose a scrapbook that he and my mom recently put together of all of his sewing projects. It was adorable to watch him flip through the pages, pausing in front of each group of kids sitting in the circle. He is so proud of his book!
walking around the sun
sharing his sewing book
Here's a short clip of his walk around the sun! (I wish I had recorded the whole thing)

Finally, in order, here are the pictures Oliver picked out to share with his class:

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