Monday, October 13, 2014

Oliver is 5!

I still cannot believe that my oldest son turned five this past Thursday. He has officially hit big kid status, which is crazy! He has grown into such a lovely and amazing, handsome young man. This birthday was especially fun because it was there first one where he called all the shots. Every part of the day, and his party, was planned by him! His birthday started off with a lazy morning at home (Gramma is also here for his birthday week). He then went to preschool sporting a bright red party hat, which he wore for two days straight (you've got to love 5-year olds!). After school he had a fun-filled evening that included rock climbing, dinner at his favorite restaurant, Uneeda Burger, and birthday pumpkin pie and presents at our house. Jim and Cynthia joined us for the evening. The next afternoon my dad arrived for another birthday celebration! And finally, today was his birthday party with his best friend Charley and brother Elliott. The three of them went rock climbed and ate brownies together. Here are pictures from his birthday, party pictures and videos to come.
birthday morning, first present
and the red party hat is on!
this is how he went dressed to school, looking pretty happy!
new rock climbing shoes from Great Binny and Grampy!
so very excited
Elliott decides his hat makes a better beak :)

rock climbing in the evening to celebrate
notice the red party hat and new birthday harness and shoes

first time climbing to the top of the wall, 5-year olds are amazing!
pretty proud
high fives all around
opening presents at night

celebrating with some of his favorite people

bike jerseys for everyone!
birthday pumpkin pie

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