Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

The boys have enjoyed a fun Easter weekend! Yesterday began with the annual egg hunt at the community center up the street. This is the third year in a row we have attended and both boys really seemed to have the hang of it this year. We met up with our new neighbors as the kids opened their eggs. My boys did a candy swap when they got home and swapped all their candy out for some dark chocolate eggs from Gramma. They didn't complain! We spent the rest of the morning coloring eggs, which Oliver had been asking to do for the past two weeks. I was really happy with the way the organic egg dye kit turned out. After they woke up from their naps they decorated some Paleo bunny cookies I had baked while they were sleeping. We finished the day off with dinner with our new neighbors who moved in down the street. Just before bed Oliver left a card, some money, and a snack for the Easter Bunny.

This morning they ran downstairs to explore their Easter baskets, hunt for eggs and have a leisurely breakfast. We had a nice Easter lunch with Jim and Cynthia and finished off the day with a late afternoon trip to the beach! The weather was unusually warm and calm by the water so the boys quickly removed their shirts while they worked on building a dam. I hiked around a bit with Penny since the tide was low, and on the way home we all took a short hike in the woods. It was a great end to a fun-filled weekend.

Hunting for Eggs!

their new friend/neighbor, Charlie! I love the expression on her face as she tastes a bite of taffy.
Egg Dying time!

Painting on the glitter

And now for the cookie painting! I made the frosting by melting coconut butter with a bit of raw honey, and adding some of the food coloring powder left over from dying eggs. It worked wonderfully!

Easter Bunny Rabbit's snack of a cookie, strawberries and carrots. Plus his card and money.
Easter baskets
Family selfie this afternoon after lunch.
Beach trip!

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  1. OMG, what a fun weekend it looks like everyone had!! I love all of the photos, especially all of the egg dying and cookie painting with chocolate smudges on the lips! LOL!