Thursday, August 29, 2013

scavenger hunt

Nick and I had a great time participating in a scavenger hunt put on by our crossfit gym last weekend. Ten teams of four competed in a 90 minute, approximately four mile hunt. Oliver gave us our team name Bucha, which is short for kombucha. We came in sixth and were able to complete the mandatory tasks even with the boys in tow. Here are some photos of the goofy task we had to complete.
Ready to go!
Team Bucha, just before the start
first task was getting the whole team in a paddle boat
then we played at the playground
and all fit under an umbrella
took prom pictures with strangers
took a picture in front of the "now playing" list at a theater
I climbed a tree
played thumb war with a stranger (okay, so she is actually my neighbor, I cheated a bit on this one but I didn't know she would be at Green Lake)
chicken fought in front of a lawn bowling park
took a photo in front of an official zoo sign (upper left)
three of us hung from rings
I had to kiss a stranger over 70

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  1. Cute. I'll bet the stranger kiss was a total treat (for him)!