Sunday, August 18, 2013

blueberry picking 2013

We made our annual trip to Bybee Farms yesterday to pick blueberries.We had a fantastic time and I actually got to partake in the picking a bit more since I wasn't wearing Elliott and watching after Oliver as much. It was really hot in the bushes and you can see in the pictures below that Oliver quickly took off his shirt. The boys did great! Elliott picked his fair share and was probably more focused than his big brother, who proceeded to talk his way through the picking. Oliver was so busy telling us what a good helper he was, or how he wasn't a good helper, or how he picked so many blueberries and a few minutes later how he hadn't picked very many, that his bucket remained pretty empty for a while. Then he thought it would be fun to hide unripe blueberries in our buckets, among other shenanigans. In the end, I think he did end up picking at least as many as he ate. We came home with 20 pounds, in just about 90 minutes of picking! We've enjoyed eating many and sharing them with our friends and neighbors.

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  1. Great photos! Looks like boys with bellies full of blueberries!