Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! We sure did, and we had nice weather to go along with it. Here are some pictures from the weekend's events:
Saturday egg hunt at the community center, Oliver couldn't wait to get started!
looking for eggs and looking cool with his hand in his pocket
showing off the bunny ears he made after the egg hunt

dying eggs with mommy, see me in the background?

lots of fun!
the Easter bunny was at our house!
Easter morning
Elliott in the ridiculous bunny suit that was passed down to us. A bit girly, and much to warm for today, but we had to take a picture of him in it. We have one of Oliver wearing it too.
I know I look silly in this outfit
Mr. Smiles
waiting for everyone else to get in the picture
Family photo at brunch this morning. And a note to self, don't leave camera in manual mode when giving it to someone else to take pictures (this picture is quite blurry although I touched it up a bit in Picasa)

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  1. Happy Easter Nick, Ă…driane, Oliver, Elliott and Penny!!!
    Lol, Gramma