Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4 month update and video

Elliott had his four month check-up yesterday and he's healthy as can be, except for a minor cold that he has right now. I knew it was inevitable that he would get sick sooner than Oliver did because his big brother likes to bring home lots of germs. Too bad he's not a fan of the nose sucker yet. He continues to be such a happy baby and I think he's going to be the social butterfly of the family. He loves to smile and coo at, and be held by anyone. He especially likes it when I walk into the room if I'm not holding him. He's grabbing for lots of things now, including my hair - ouch! I won't be cutting it like my mom did when I did the same thing to her, but I may be wearing it up more often. EC is still going well, and he had a stellar (and unusual) day yesterday, not one accident! Here are his stats from yesterday:
Weight: 16 lbs 1 oz (60%)
Height: 25.5 in (60%)
Head: 41.9 cm (50%)
So, he's only about 10% larger than his brother was, although you wouldn't know it by his rolls :) We love him to pieces! Here are a few month four clips:

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