Thursday, March 8, 2012

elimination communication

Elliott has recently graduated to using a regular potty instead of his bucket. We actually still use both for him, but I think he prefers the big boy potty when it's available. Oliver always seems to need to use it at the exact moment Elliott is on it, so it's a good thing we have four of them around our house!


  1. love it! i heard that they stopped making the baby bjorn potty so bought an extra myself. i love that you had 4!!!!

    1. Really? That's a shame because they are by far the best. We actually only have two of the itty bitty ones, one inside and one in the car. We also have two ikea ones, which are just okay, but I bought them because they were cheap. our last one is a bigger baby bjorn one (with a removable insert) but without the high back. Oliver likes the itty bitty one best because it doesn't have rubber on the bottom so he can scoot it around the house while he's on it.