Sunday, March 4, 2012

downstairs bathroom, part 1

I've been lagging in my home remodeling posts lately, but here's an update on the new bathroom Nick is adding downstairs. Two weeks after Elliott was born, and since he was off work, Nick decided it would be a good time to dig a large hole in our basement to add a sewer line for a new bathroom. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed having a pile of dirt sit in the laundry room for a month! The plumbing is now finished and Nick poured and leveled a new concrete floor earlier this week. This weekend, Nick and some friends worked hard to get the drywall mostly complete. Next up is building a shower pan and tiling the shower, floor and walls. Oliver has loved this project because it's the first time that Nick has let him help out for most of it. While the hole was in our basement Oliver always wanted to go downstairs to dig more holes! It's not every day that a little boy gets to use his shovels and wheelbarrow inside the house!
new plumbing inside the bathroom

new sewer line

yesterday Oliver did some prep work

wearing Jim's pink hard hat

he wanted everyone to notice his tape measure clipped to his pants

this morning, mixing drywall mud with Jim

mudding with an expert

obviously enjoying himself

and proud of the mud caked all over his hands!

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