Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2 months

Our not-so-little Elliott is 2 months old today! His checkup isn't until next Tuesday, but I know that he weighs in around 13 lbs! That's almost double his birth weight of 7lbs 6 oz, and about 1 1/2 pounds heavier than Oliver was at this age. He is doing well :) He's quite strong and started rolling over at just 7 weeks and now enjoys bearing weight on his legs when held in an upright position. He coos, smiles and giggles. The elimination control is going amazingly well! For the past few days we've had just 2-3 wet diapers per day, at just two months old! And that includes outings as well. We'll be cancelling the diaper service at the end of this month - Awesome! I do get a lot of questions about the little red potty bucket that I carry everywhere with me.

Big brother Oliver just loves to hold Elliott. Every morning he says to me "hold baby, hold baby" Oliver things its fun now that Elliott is starting to interact with him, even if it is only a hair pull or kick and Elliott loves to watch his big brother when he is nearby. Elliott also happens to be a big spitter, much like his brother, and Oliver thinks it's hilarious when Elliott spits up on mommy :)

Here are a few pictures of our sweet little guy. He's happy and mellow just like his older brother was. I'm so thankful that we ended up with two beautiful, happy and healthy boys.
just chillin

Morning in bed with my boys! Oliver asked me to take this picture and I really should keep the nicer camera in the bedroom. The cell phone quality just doesn't cut it sometimes.

And this morning Oliver wanted a naked boys picture!
look how big Elliott looks when Oliver is holding him!

hanging with daddy

kiss from big brother

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