Saturday, September 17, 2011

CA, part 6 - camping

Here is the final part of our CA pictures. Our camping trip was wonderful and the weather cooperated as well. Oliver loved it so much that he cried when the tents came down.
blowing bubbles in "Little Eden," one of our favorite hot springs
Penny, after jumping into Little Eden (on accident, she was hoping for cold water) and then finding some mud. She loved every single minute of camping.
Oliver did a lot of this since we hiked every day.
yogurt face
pee tree!
Penny did lots of this
Where did the trail go? A river crossing to get to Edison Lake.
Family photo at Edison Lake
Oliver's favorite uncle!
hanging by the food box
matching tie-dye shirts from Bapa!
Nick's GQ picture.
swimming in Doris Lake
Zen Penny
3 generations at Doris Lake
Can we please go for a walk to see some fish??
Florence Lake with Uncle Ev
Swinging on our way to Jackass Meadows
Searching for arrowheads. Oliver got a kick out of us all playing in the dirt.
No more water bottles for Oliver, he loved Evan's Camelbak.
 Out for a walk

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