Saturday, September 17, 2011

27 weeks

I am 27 weeks pregnant today, and my due date is exactly three months away. I can't believe that I'll be heading into the third trimester tomorrow. The time has just flown by. This pregnancy has been even easier than the last and now that my stuffiness is gone, I've had hardly any negative symptoms. I am seeing a prenatal chiropractor every 2-4 weeks which I'm sure is helping to keep any lower back or hip pain from creeping up. And, despite my relatively small weight gain (just 7.5 lbs to date), I have been consistently measuring two weeks ahead. Now that two of my friends have recently had their second babies, the baby fever has hit hard! I can't wait for the little guy to be here (and to stop kicking my bladder every time I go for a walk). Oliver has been so sweet to the new little babies, showering them with kisses and nuzzling up close with them. He role plays a lot with his baby doll, and does everything from pottying, to feeding, and even putting medicine on his baby's toe after he hurt his own. I have even overheard him saying "awww" and hugging and kissing his baby while I'm in the other room. I know he'll be jealous when his baby brother arrives, but I'm pretty sure this loving behavior will continue.
27 weeks. See the dried grass behind me? Proof that Seattle did have nice summer until it promptly ended a four days ago.
Someone has been enjoying my pregnancy pillow more than I have!

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  1. you are looking great! hopefully the 3rd trimester whizzes by for ya! and you are the ONLY person i know with positive things to say about summer in seattle this year! :)