Thursday, July 21, 2011

greetings from Guam

Yes, Nick was supposed to be back by now, actually a week ago, and he's still in Guam. What was supposed to be a 3 day business trip will now be at least 12! We're not entirely sure when he will be home, but as of this morning he's telling me Saturday. His arrival date changes nearly every day and last night before I went to bed, he was pretty sure he was coming home tomorrow. The timing for this trip was not exactly ideal. For one, he was gone for most of the time that my brother was up here, to supposedly help Nick with the siding. They got four days in, but that was it. We also had our gender ultrasound scheduled for last Monday, which has now been rescheduled to this coming Monday - can't wait! I think his absence has been especially hard on Oliver. He has been really clingy and cuddly with me and he talks about his daddy constantly. Everywhere we go, he is pointing out things that remind him of Nick, so I hear "dada, dada" all day long. We have been talking on Skype as frequently as we can although the time change (they are almost a full day ahead of us) makes it a little hard.

It took me nearly a week to get these pictures from Nick, so here's a little bit of what he has been up to (you can see he hasn't been working all that much).

went snorkeling in the ocean

swam in lots of nice hotel pools

played beach volleyball

posed by cannons

hiked through caves

ate at many nice restaurants

view from his hotel room


  1. hiking in caves and snorkling in the ocean?! those are the types of pictures i'm glad my husband doesnt include when he talks about his trips. LOL. but he's sure to call from the top of every mountain he's climbing after work each day. :( hope your nick returns safe, sound, and QUICKLY!

  2. Wow, that business trip looks pretty swanky! Can't wait to hear the results of the ultrasound!