Sunday, November 7, 2010


I took this picture of Oliver napping yesterday. He fell asleep with his pumpkin hat on that Nick’s aunt Nancy made him last year. We’ve made some big strides with sleep lately. Until two weeks ago, Oliver would only go to sleep nursing, being worn in a carrier (we use our Ergo most of the time) or in the car. Then we decided to have Nick start putting him to sleep. He started by rocking him to sleep, and then laying him in his crib. That worked really well and Oliver only fussed when I left the room. A few days ago we decided to see what would happen if Nick just laid Oliver in his crib to fall asleep, and to our amazement, he actually went to sleep! We had no idea our son knew how to put himself to sleep. And yesterday he actually started pointing to his crib when he was ready for bed. So tonight our bedtime routine was like this: I ask Oliver if he needs to potty, and he signs potty and walks into the bathroom ahead of me. We then go into his room to read books and change. Then he walks over to the rocking chair and signs milk, when he is done nursing he points to his crib and I lay him down. Nick comes in until he falls asleep. So easy! And no crying involved SmileHe still wakes up several times a night to nurse, so he’s not the best sleeper, but this is a huge improvement for us.

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