Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Outside Influences on the Womb

I was reading about the fifth month of pregnancy in What to Expect When You're Expecting, a book I borrowed from a friend of mine. I came across a section titled Outside Influences on the Womb. It mostly talks about the baby being able to hear my voice and the voice of others around me now. It also touches on the whole theory of playing music for the baby. But what really got my attention what he paragraph on dogs! It says "Your fetus can also hear other sounds from the outside world, and may become familiar with those that are common in your surroundings. Whereas a newborn who has had little prenatal exposure to a barking dog may startle and cry at first hearing the sound, one who's heard a lot of barking won't even blink." That's great news! He definitely will be hearing lots of barking in the next few months. Will our baby find Penny's voice soothing? Maybe he'll be able to sleep through her barking. That would be nice :)

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