Friday, December 12, 2014

Thanksgiving weekend, 2014

I've been having a bit of trouble keeping up with this blog lately! Here are some fun happenings from our Thanksgiving weekend this year:

For the entire month of November, Oliver spent a lot of time making turkeys.

The night before Thanksgiving I unexpectedly got my first bar muscle-up! I was pretty excited since it took me months to get my ring muscle-ups.

The most exciting thing that happened this weekend is that on Thanksgiving morning, this little guy learned how to ride a pedal bike, all by himself! He's just a few weeks shy of turning three here. 

At that same time, big brother Oliver discovered bike jumps.

Here we are, all dressed up and ready for dinner at Jim and Cynthia's house. Oliver is dressed "so fancy" according to him. This kid can pick out the best outfits. We got off pretty easy, cooking-wise, bringing Brussels sprouts and chocolate chip cookies.

The next day I took the boys to Whole Foods to pick up a Christmas tree on sale for black Friday. Besides, with Oliver in this house, we can't wait a second after Thanksgiving ends to start getting ready for Christmas. This kid lives for Christmas. Not a bad looking tree!

And the next day it was decorated. The boys did a lovely job of hanging them all in the front and lower 2/3 of the tree.

Of course we had to rush to get it decorated so the trains, the most important part of Christmas, could be set up. Who doesn't want three train tracks around their tree?

The outside lights are always one of my favorite things this time of year. It makes my evening walks with Penny so much more enjoyable!

And to make the weekend even better, just a few hours after we picked up our Christmas tree, it snowed! And it was cold enough in Seattle to keep the snow on the ground for nearly a week.

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