Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Here are some highlights from our Halloween this year. The kids had the best Rudolph costumes ever, made of course by my mom. I found a deer cloak for me and a Rudolph hat with blinking nose for Nick so the whole family participated in the Christmas theme once again (last year Olive was Santa and the rest of us, elves). We even managed to borrow a red wagon for the boys to use as their sleigh while trick or treating. Oliver ended up pulling Elliott and a neighbor boy around in it.

The boys enjoyed wearing their costumes to school and as usual I made an assortment of healthy Halloween treats for us to enjoy. After the kids go to bed on Halloween night, the Switch Witch comes and turns their candy into a little toy for each of them. Win-win for everyone!

Here are the costumes:

On their way to school:


the Rudolph family!

And a few treats:
mummy apple and a chocolate dipped apricot spider for lunch
Peppermint patty dentures! I found this very simple and very delicious recipe for peppermint patties and they worked really well in these teeth molds. I also made pumpkin shaped ones.

Thinking of you, Grampy :)

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