Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July, 2013

Here are some pictures from our 4th! Keeping with tradition Oliver spent much of it in the sky riding the scissor lift up and down. His friend Tessa and her dad Matt joined us for the fun and Oliver was able to convince Matt to sit in the scissor lift with him much of the night. He's not allowed to drive it by himself so as soon as one adult gets off he quickly tries to find someone else willing to go up with him. We enjoyed beautiful weather and excellent food. Oliver was so excited when he got home that he could hardly stop talking about the fireworks. I missed the show as I left early to put Elliott down and to hang out with Penny in the basement so I could feed her treats every time the fireworks went off. The 4th of July is definitely not her favorite holiday.

Someone is soo excited. Look at the huge smile on his face!

 Hammock time with Daddy. This is where Nick spent much of the evening :)

 Elliott loved the swings! It was low enough to the ground that he could practically touch it while sitting on it by himself.

 A quick family photo! We haven't had one for a while.
 Trying to get a picture of the brothers together, not an easy task! I had to practically bribe Oliver out of the scissor lift so I could get a few pictures.

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