Friday, April 19, 2013


These babies have been around since I was a little kid and I'm pretty sure I helped make Lindy's outfit below with Binny. A few years ago I passed them on to Oliver and he has loved them dearly ever since. Hi named the one in pink little Elliott and my mom decided it was time he had a less girly outfit. Check out their new outfits below! Their outfits required a one-month stay at Gramma's house and Oliver missed them dearly. When they arrived earlier this week he was so overjoyed that he wouldn't part with them for a full 24 hours.
Elliott and Lindy in their original clothing (from when I was little)
their new clothing, thanks to Gramma!
thrilled to have his baby Elliott back in the moby wrap while big Elliott looks on
and he wanted to go for a walk with both of them (I had my Elliott in a stroller as well)


  1. ...awwwww...I guess I'll need to sew another set of outfits for them...including underpants!! I'm so glad Oliver is happy with his babies' new outfits. It's amazing how useful a few fabric scraps can be!!

  2. I like how Lindy is "reclining" in the stroller!