Sunday, December 23, 2012


Oliver has been asking for a reindeer this entire Christmas season. I took him up to Swansons Nursery today (for the 5th time I believe), to say goodbye to Santa, the reindeer and Curly the camel before they head back to the North Pole tomorrow. We were browsing through all of the clearance Christmas items on our way out when Oliver spotted this little guy and couldn't part with him. Someone gave in and Oliver got to bring him home! Oliver promptly named him Dasher and named the rest of us as well (Oliver is Santa, I'm Rudolph, Elliott is Cupid, Nick is Comet, Penny is Curly the camel, and his other blue bouncy dog is Blitzen). Oliver has been having so much fun with his reindeer that he only put him down while he was sleeping.

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