Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11 months!

I can't believe that it's already time to start planning someone's first birthday party! Yep, this little cutie is going to be one in a month!
Here are a few of the things he's doing now:
  • He's finally given up the army crawling and now crawls on his knees everywhere. His favorite place to try to sneak away to is Penny's water bowl, just like his big brother used to do. Miss P will now have limited access to her water bowl for probably the next year.
  • He is very good at using his push walker (which you'll see when I get up a video from this past month) and gets frustrated if he runs into something and can't turn it around.
  • He can stand for several seconds by himself and I've seen him take one step on a few occasions
  • He loves, loves books, and not just for reading! He loves to eat and tear pages as well.
  • I joined the infant class in the preschool coop I attend with Oliver. I wasn't going to at first, but I missed having one on one time to spend just with Elliott. So now every Tuesday, Oliver plays in the sibling care room while I have a 90 minute class with Elliott.
  • He claps, waves and gives high 5s!
  • He also loves to dance to Nick's guitar playing
  • He says "dada"and "mama"
  • He loves to imitate the funny sounds his big brother makes
window watching, still a favorite activity
I took some pictures during a game of peek-a-boo!

sleeping soundly one afternoon

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  1. Happy 11 month birthday Elliott! You are such a big boy...I can't believe how much you have grown since I last saw you.
    Lots of love,