Monday, May 9, 2011

19 months

19 months today! Here are a few unseen pictures from last month. His favorite words of the month are "butter" and "knife". He would like to eat butter out of the container if we let him, and otherwise wants it in his eggs and toast. He asks for a knife when packages come and also to cut his fruit with. His current favorite toy is his play tent. He actually fell asleep in it tonight. We tried last night, but he was so excited about the possibility of sleeping in it that he just couldn't fall asleep. I'll try to get a picture soon. He is also very into Nick's electric guitar. If he makes his way upstairs by himself, we'll often find him putting on Nick's headphones (attached to the guitar amp) and strumming the guitar.
strumming with daddy
even using a pick
such concentration
gymboree last month
he loved it, but it was too cheesy and to expensive to continue
shoveling in the backyard
don't bother me, I have work to do!
shopping for my favorite veggie chips at Costco
another garbage day

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