Friday, September 17, 2010

11 month update

Oliver is walking like a champ now, and hardly crawls at all anymore. He signs milk, dog, more, finished and daddy. He also loves to point to things and say "mah", which means either tell me what that item is, or take me to it. It's really cute because he's pointing at just about everything. The second he woke up this morning, he stood up on the bed and pointed to my nightstand, saying "mah". I couldn't figure out what he was asking for. Then it dawned on me that sometimes my alarm clock, which plays the radio, is often on when he wakes up. So, I turned on the radio for him, and he immediately started dancing :) It was so cute! He's copying us now too, not so much on the words, but if Nick does something to him, he'll do it back. He also has started walking Penny around the house when we put her leash on. It's really cute, and she just stands there, or walks really slow at his pace. I have so many pictures of the two of them that I'll have to put them in a separate post. Here are some pictures from the last month to enjoy:
Penny, looking cute as always
My cousin Lucy holding Oliver - she said he was her best friend

Cousins Eleanor & Lucy with Oliver
He loves balls!
Eating at a restaurant on 4th St.
I'm finished now!
Evan, Oliver and I at our swim team's 50th anniversary picnic
Playing in the park with Grandpa
I love the sand!
Cooking with Grandma

Great Binny & Great Grampy buy me the neatest toys!
figuring something out with Daddy   
Visiting the Ballard Locks

New bike helmet

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