Thursday, August 5, 2010

Video: Bite Inhibition

Now that Oliver has six teeth almost in, he's been using them a lot: to bite his food, toys, teething rings, and us! I thought it would be easy to teach him not to bite us, I would just teach him bite inhibition the same way we do with puppies in class.

Here in an excerpt from our dog training manual "Play lots of mouthing games, with your hands in her mouth. At first, any Hard bites cause the puppy to lose her fun human toy for a bit. Yip or say “OW!” dramatically, freeze, and then turn away. After 10 seconds or so, play again or replace the human toy with a real chew toy. If the dog tries to bite you again right away, leave the room."

So I tried saying "Yip" or "Ow" every time he bit me, and apparently he thought it was hilarious! Take a look.

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