Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oliver's 8 Week Update

Oliver is 8 weeks now! Some people have commented that it's been a whole week since I've put up pictures of Oliver, so here are some from the past two weeks. He's growing so fast! Nick weighed him this morning and with his clothes and a diaper on, he was 11.5 lbs! He's holding his neck up pretty well now and I can pull him up to standing while holding his hands if he's lying down. Oliver has also been talking up a storm! He's most talkative first thing in the morning or at night when Nick is holding him. I'll try to get it on video sometime. The ECing has been going really well too, with only 2-3 poops a week that aren't in the toilet :) I finally had my 6 week check-up so I'm cleared to run now, but I'm finding it much harder to do while pushing a stroller and holding Penny's leash. I started dog training again last night and left Oliver with Nick for almost 4 hours! I was nervous but according to Nick, it went pretty well.
Mommy and Oliver

Uncle Evan was here the week of Thanksgiving. He and Oliver got along really well!

They even took naps together

Baby legs! Everyone seems to have a pair of these, and they're great for keeping babies legs warm and making diaper changes easy. They're great for ECing too and they're cute!

This is Dr. Cole, the wonderful doctor who helped make sure Oliver and I were healthy when I was pregnant.

Bundled up and ready for a walk in the cold! We tried out his TeddyToes blanket inside the JJCole zippered blanket we have around the car seat. The temperatures dropped down to the 20s and 30s this weekend. Burr!

Here Oliver is holding a rattle that Grampa Gregg bought for him in France. I have to watch him while he's holding it though, because he tends to hit himself in the face with it.

We tried out some of the 3-6 month clothes on him. Here he's wearing a little dog outfit.

And here's the back.

He loves his new activity gym!

His first advent calendar from Grandma Diane! I didn't notice his crotch was unsnapped until after I uploaded the picture. We usually leave the legs and crotch unsnapped while we're home so we can undress him quickly when he needs to potty.

Oliver and Mommy again! I'll take some more pictures of Nick next time.

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