Sunday, November 22, 2009

6 Week Update

Oliver is 6 weeks old now! His biggest milestone this past week is laughing for the first time! He loves to lie in his crib in the morning and giggle at the toys hanging on the sides. He's also starting to interact with the toys by knocking them with his hands so I went out and bought him a play mat with toys that hang down from a used kid's store nearby. I'm also able to get him down for a nap every day in his crib which is awesome! Although most times he still sleeps in the moby instead.
The other news this week is that I gave notice at work. It was impossible for me to commit to working 55-75 hours during tax season with a little one. I'll be looking for something I can do part-time primarily from home.
Uncle Evan is flying in tomorrow night to meet Oliver and spend Thanksgiving with us. We can't wait!
All mobied up with Daddy
Working out his arm muscles
Hugging Daddy while he sleeps
In his bouncer
Cracking a smile during tummy time.
Oliver loves bath time and he's happy to sit in the water until we take him out.
Penny doing her cue "cute" on my leg.

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