Wednesday, August 19, 2009

32 Weeks!

Okay, here's the real 32 week picture. I'm starting to feel huge now, and I know I have more growing to do! I still don't have any stretch marks :) and my belly button is still an innie! We decided that we'd like to use a doula, so Jan, a good friend of ours, is going to help us out. I'm really excited, and I think she will be a big help to Nick and I during labor. In our childbirth class last night they discussed all the benefits of using a doula, and they highly recommended having one, so I think we make the right choice. We also learned some relaxation techniques. The instructor gave the moms-to-be ice to hold (it was supposed to be a little painful except it was so warm out that I actually enjoyed holding it!) and the partners helped us with different techniques to see which ones took our mind off the ice the most. At the end of class the partners practiced giving us massages, my favorite part!

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